FilWeb Asia is a global provider of reliable virtual assistant services and business process outsourcing solutions. Headquartered in Laguna, Philippines, we specialize on back office solutions, designs for various media platforms, and many other offshore outsourcing services that are solidly built on high-grade performance.

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About Us

Our Company

As a sound outsourcing services provider, we focus on bringing solutions by means of the core abilities of our people. Our services focus on back office, media platform designs, and other solutions that ask for great skills. FilWeb Asia has served thousands of satisfied clients from working with start-ups, small and medium businesses, and firms from countless industries. Based in Metro Manila’s nearby city of San Pedro, Laguna, we serve clients from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the country’s top outsourcing rival, India.

With an ultimate goal of bringing long-term benefits to our clients and their firms, we invest in top-of-the-line technology to give only the best outputs. We operate with an advanced line-up of tools we own—not rented or leased. This lets us serve an array of clients from all across the globe. To date, we have served clients from various fields such as retail and sales, e-commerce, digital arts, gaming, travel, finance, health and fitness, and a whole lot more. Yet, we remain focused on growing our reach and target markets beyond those we serve today.

Our People

As a service provider that focuses on virtual assistance services, we gear toward ridding clients of their business worries while letting them focus on the core aspects to grow further. We have a multi-talented and highly qualified team that serves in full compliance with our proven standards.

At FilWeb Asia, we work with an excellence-driven mind-set and a customer-focused attitude. Our mantra: “Every client is important and every service delivery matters.” This path is where we tread on as we strive to advance in the field and gain the trust of our clients. We set a strong edge over our rivals by focusing on value through a mix of high-quality BPO/KPO solutions, affordability, and great customer service. Above all, we do business with high regard for ethics, discipline, and skills; thus, helping us meet global standards in the outputs we produce.

Armed with knowledge in clerical tasks, both in virtual and non-virtual setups, our staff can bring expert assistance in clerical, organizational, and creative jobs.

Our Affiliation

FilWeb Asia owns and operates Outsource-Philippines, a top provider of knowledge process outsourcing services. Since its launch in 2003, Outsource-Philippines has offered a full suite of tailored services that helped build or maintain brands. Trusted by both private firms and government agencies, the company humbles itself as a prime business process outsourcing destination in Asia.

FilWeb Asia, with Outsource-Philippines, is now ready to bring various outsourcing services to the world.



FilWeb Asia offers various virtual assistant services and outsourcing services suited to your needs and financial preference. Our people are experts at value added services. Their extensive knowledge, coupled with the company’s tools, is more than capable of delivering effective services and total customer satisfaction.

Virtual Secretary

Manage your tasks effectively and get things done efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your web site to get better exposure and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Maximize your social media to gain optimal traffic for your web site.

Search Engine Marketing

Be easily found on search engines by being on top of search pages.

Customer Support

Help your clients by giving them the best customer support.

Live Chat

Quick, tailored, and efficient answers for real time questions.

Writing & Research Services

Only the highest-quality content for your business goals.

Web Design

Establish an impeccable online presence with top-notch web design.

Graphic Design

Creative and innovative designs by ingenious graphic designers.

Logo Design

Leave your mark for a lasting brand with remarkable logos.

Inbound Customer Service

Professional and energetic customer service for your clients.

E-mail Support

Manage your tasks effectively and get things done efficiently.

24-Hour Help Desk

24-hour technical aid for you anytime and anywhere.

Data Conversion

Convert your documents to any format for your convenience.

Technical Support

Timely troubleshooting for your clients’ technical concerns.


Contact Us

FilWeb Asia, Inc.

Address: FilWeb Asia Bldg., Maharlika Drive, USPS, San Antonio, San Pedro, 4023 Laguna


PH: +632-801-6149

US Toll Free: 1-888-644-8302

AU Toll Free: 1-800-242-370

UK: +44 (1975) 525-002

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FilWeb Asia, Inc.

About Us


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