Exposure is a full-service visual production company based in the Philippines, working with clients locally and throughout the world.

Who we are

PETER CARNEY, Co-Founder/Creative Director

Peter Carney is a photographer and multimedia producer with almost a decade of visual storytelling experience. Peter started out in Korea working as a photographer for an independent music magazine. Inspired to go beyond photography Peter moved to China where he enrolled in the internationally acclaimed MA in Photojournalism and documentary Photography course from the University of Bolton. The course was a pioneer in multimedia education and inspired Peter to experiment with the moving image and to begin creating video stories.

Working in China from 2008 – 2013, Peter’s work has been exhibited internationally and published in several major publications including, The Economist, The Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Korean Times, China Daily, GEO Italy and the NME. Peter has worked with international commercial clients such as Intel, Kappa, Vertu Mobile Phones, Gautschi Engineering, Swift Carbon and The Tour of Beijing. In addition Peter has worked with NGO’s such as the Red Cross, Witness and the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre.

Peter is a passionate visual educator and currently is the program coordinator for the Multimedia Journalism Diploma program and the Asian Center for Journalism at Ateneo De Manila. Peter is also part of the international collective Multimedia Train, which aims to teach journalists the multimedia skills necessary to tell compelling stories in the new media landscape.

Exposure Media Productions is the next chapter of Peter’s story, working with his wife Geraldine Carney, he hopes to bring a new brand of visual storytelling to the Philippines.

GERALDINE CARNEY, Co-Founder/Managing Director

Geraldine Cuason Carney is a professional photographer who started her career NOT in photography. Instead, she lasted 3 years in banking and finance, moved on to managerial duties in a chemical plant, followed by web editing work for a Chinese company in Beijing.

Semi self-taught, she found her passion in portrait photography, especially in street portraits, after her move to Beijing, China in 2008.

After her 2-year stint as senior photographer for Western Academy of Beijing (shooting school portraits, sports, drama, concerts, events and advertorial images), she is now back in Manila early 2014 building Exposure Media Productions with her husband, Peter.

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Address: One Global Place, 25th St & 5th Ave, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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