The company believes that interior spaces, along with each piece of furniture and accessory found within the space, have the power to inspire and shape one’s individuality. For this very reason, the company’s aim is to create beautiful, exclusively unique and thought provoking spaces that invite all those within its realm to a new experience through sight, sound, and touch – whether it be for residential or commercial use.



Homes, condominiums and all livable spaces


Boutiques, restaurants, offices and showrooms


Hotels, resorts and alike


Update and stylize your space

Projects Gallery

Alveo Vertis North - One Bedroom Model Condo Unit


Alveo Vertis North - Two Bedrooms Model Condo Unit


Digital Escala Salcedo - Three Bedrooms Model Condo Unit


One Roxas Triangle


Addition Hills - Four Bedrooms Townhouse


Alveo Solstice - Two Bedrooms Model Condo Unit


The Residences at Greenbelt - Three Bedrooms Condo Unit


Tomas Morato - Four Bedrooms Townhouse


Rolling Hills House

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Empire Designs

Address: 3F1 Plaza, Pearl, Pearl Dr, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila

Phone: +632 696 4990

Mobile: +63 927 345 2627


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