Do you have dump trucks but don't know how to manage them for better profits? We have business options to offer. Whether you have zero business knowledge or a veteran in the industry, you can benefit from our partnership deals.

Founded by Christopher and Christina in 2014, the company started with one delivery truck to deliver goods to the customers of their grocery business. In the following year, they ventured into the hauling business and bought two dump trucks. In 2017, the siblings decided to separate the businesses, Christina to focus on grocery and delivery wing van while Christopher on dump trucks. This paved the way for the creation of Coleslaw Corporation doing business under the name and style of The Dump Truck Contractor.

DTC or The Dump Truck Contractor is a professional Dump Truck Service that’s proud to offer its services to clients throughout Metro Manila and the surrounding area. The company encourages micro and small business truck owners to join the company and pool their resources to cater to wider group of clients.

The dump truck owners can have their dump trucks rented or they could enter into a profit-sharing arrangement with DTC. The future of dump trucks, said the founder, is very bright for the next ten years being an integral part of the logistics and the whole supply chain.



Truck Rental

If you own dump trucks but you cannot get job contracts, we will rent your trucks for a fixed period. If you're not satisfied with your current contract, we can discuss better terms and buy out your existing contract.


If you don't have the necessary skills in running a dump truck business, you can tie-up with us and we could give you a more profitable arrangement.


If you don't have a legal team to negotiate terms in your behalf, the company's lawyers can broker the deal with you with big clients and general contractors. As the Godfather said, the lawyer with a briefcase can bring more profits for you than the man with a gun.


Refer and earn instant cash! For every unit of dump truck you referred and closed transaction, you get P10,000.




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Coleslaw Corporation

Address: JV Managers Tower, Scout Castor, Laging Handa, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 8351 4675

Mobile: 0929 351 2777


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Coleslaw Corporation



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