Doeleur Electrosystems, Inc. is a one hundred percent Filipino-owned company which emerged to provide excellent service and best-priced and quality products to clients such as manufacturing companies for semiconductors and electronics, the food and beverages industry, medical hospitals and laboratories, research institutions, colleges and universities, and other related markets.

Doeleur Electrosystems, Inc. is supported by foreign principals for the delivery of optical and inspection instruments such as microscope units of high-end models, magnifier lamps, loupes and accessories, likewise for laboratory apparatus e.g. centrifuge and the like.

Doeleur has similar capabilities in supplying weighing equipment from top brands such as microbalance, moisture analyzer, and top-loading balances to common models like counting, weighing and pricing units with various types: platform type, bench type and floor type. Computers and computer peripherals along with machine spare parts are also substantial parts of Doeleur’s product lines.

Doeleur is also capable of supplying non-contact measuring equipment, e.g. Automatic Video Measurement system, profile projector units and other metrology tools. Carrying test instruments for different applications is also one of the key strengths of Doeleur.



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Doeleur Electrosystems, Inc.

Address: Unit 304-305, Kennedy Center Bldg., Prime St. corner Venture St., Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780 Philippines

Phone: (+632) 478-4881 | 478-4347 | 478-3453

Fax: Connect to local 110

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Doeleur Electrosystems, Inc.

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