Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.

1. EZSET Door Locks, Knobsets, Deadbolts, Residential Tubular Leverset

2. EZSET Door Locks, Handle Set, Door Closer, Commercial Tubular Leverset

3. YALE Door Locks & Lever Handles, Knobset & Leverset

4. YALE Cylinder, Deadbolt, Rim Lock; Door / Floor Closer, Patch Fittings, Hardwares

5. YALE Outdoor Padlocks, Safes & Travel Security

6. YALE Certified Home / Office / Laptop / Professional Safes

7. YALE Certified Safe Specifications

8. YALE Security Safe Features

9. DORMA Overhead / Concealed Door Closer, Floor Spring, Hinges, Lever Handles, Panic Hardware

10. DORMA Glass Fittings & Accessories For Room Dividers, Internal Doors, Partition Assemblies

11. KARCHER Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Pressure Washer, Spray Extraction Cleaner, Push Sweeper

12. KARCHER Hot & Cold Pressure Washer, Petrol Driven High-Pressure Washer

13. KARCHER Residential Vacuum Cleaner, Pressure Washer

14. VIPER Professional Cleaning Equipment: Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

15. VIPER Professional Cleaning Equipment: Cable Auto Scrubber, Turbo Dryer, Carpet Spotter

16. HUNTER Desk Fan, Stand Fan

17. HUNTER Ceiling Fans

18. Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

19. Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

20. STANLEY Hand Tools: Sharp Shooter, Staple Gun, Hammer Tacker, Wood/Concrete Chisel, Hammer Claw, Rubber Mallet, Flashlight

21. STANLEY Hand Tools: Paint Roller, Paint Brush, Vernier Caliper, Digital / Dial Caliper, Vernier / Digital Micrometer, Dial Indicator, Micrometer Stand

22. STANLEY Hand Tools: Tape Rule, Level, Fubar, Utility Knife, Saw, Circular Saw Blade, Pliers, Phillips, Screwdriver Insert Bit

23. STANLEY Hardware: Padlock, Portable Work Light

24. STANLEY Hardware: Hinge, Door Closer, Door Knobset, Deadbolt

25. STANLEY Mechanics & Automotive Tools

26. STANLEY Mechanics & Automotive Tools

27. RIDGID Micro Explorer Digital Inspection Camera

28. RIDGID Micro Explorer Digital Inspection Camera, Combustible Gas Sniffer, MicroRay Infrared Thermal Measurement Tool

29. FACOM Aviation Tools, Automotive Tools, General Tools

30. FACOM Tool Sets, Roller Cabinets & Workshop Furniture, Toolboxes

31. Contact Us

1. EZSET Door Locks, Knobsets, Deadbolts, Residential Tubular Leverset
Ezset Door Lock Knob Deadbolt Lever Set Design Residential

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