Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh), one of the major affiliates of Chiyoda Corporation (Yokohama, Japan), is a global engineering service contractor primarily engaged in detail design of various plants and facilities mostly gas processing and LNG plants. Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) was formerly known as C&E Corporation, a joint venture company which merges the leading-edge engineering design know-how of Japan's world-renowned engineering company, CHIYODA CORPORATION and the industrial construction capabilities and fabrication expertise of Philippines' EEI CORPORATION.

On February 1995, C&E Corporation was officially established and registered with the Board of Investment (BOI) of the Philippines as a Pioneer in the industry which provides engineering and technical services.

In May 3, 2006, C&E Corporation changed its corporate name to Chiyoda Philippines Corporation (CPh) since the company became 100% owned by Chiyoda Corporation.

Chiyoda Philippines Corporation is now an international company with expertise & specialization in engineering design, planning, project management & consultation, field engineering supervision for oil & gas, petro-chemical and other industrial plants & facilities.


Technology & Engineering Division

Process Engineering Center

The Center executes, but is not limited to the following activities:

  1. Executes basic and detailed process and systems design activities for various project phases
  2. Engineering Drawing Preparation
    • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
    • Material Selection Diagram (MSD)
    • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  3. Executes other engineering design services such as planning and feasibility study, verification and plant midification studies
  4. Support/performs Commissioning Activities at Home Office (e.g planning) and at side (including turn over)
  5. Perform activities related to waste water collection,handling,storage and treatment systems
  6. Performs activities related to Fire Protection and engineering HSSE


Mechanical Engineering Center

The Center executes, but is not limited to the following activities:

  1. Preparation of inquiry documents such as mechanical design specifications, purchase requisitions, and mechanical data sheets for static equipment, rotating equipment, fired heaters, and package/material handling equipment.
  2. Performs technical evaluation and clarifications on bid proposals submitted by vendors for the supply and fabrication of process equipment.
  3. Review vendor drawings, design calculations, and other fabrication documents.
  4. Conducts detailed design calculation, case study, and analysis of process equipment.
  5. Provide engineering assistance in construction site such as supervision of the equipment erection and installation activities, preparation of site modification plans, and reply to technical queries raised by the mechanical subcontractor and client’s representative.


Instrument Engineering Center


  1. General Specification for Instrumentation
  2. Instrumentation for Packaged Equipment
  3. Instrument Cable Tray Layout
  4. Instrument Index
  5. I/O Summary

System Design such as:

  1. Control Narratives
  2. Emergency Shutdown System Specification
  3. Control System Specifications
  4. Alarm and Trip Summary
  5. Fire and Gas System Specification
  6. System Cabinet Design Specification
  7. Requisition of DCS / IPS / FGS / VMS
  8. Technical Bid Evaluation
  9. Vendor Print Review

Field Instrument Design such as:

  1. Instrument Data Sheets
  2. Instrument Requisition
  3. Technical Bid Evaluation
  4. Vendor Quotation Review
  5. Technical Bid Evaluation
  6. Control Valve Sizing
  7. Orifice Plate Calculationn
  8. ICMS
  9. Vendor Print Review
  10. Vendor Package Review

Instrument Construction Design such as:

  1. Typical Drawing for Instrument Installation
  2. Layout of Fire & Gas Detectors
  3. Layout of Instrument Main Cable
  4. DCS Vendor Document Review
  5. Layout of Fiber Optic Cable
  6. Instrument Stub-up Details
  7. Instrument Main Cable Route Map
  8. Instrument Cable Schedule
  9. Instrument Cable Drum Schedule
  10. Equipment Layout in Control Room
  11. Wiring Layout in Control Room
  12. Earthing Layout in Control Room
  13. Cable Tray Layout in Control Room
  14. Instrument Wiring Connection List
  15. Instrument Air Supply Connection List
  16. Instrument Wiring Hook up
  17. Instrument Air Tubing Hook-up
  18. 3D Modeling and Review of Instrument Equipment, F&G, Cable Tray, Trench & DB
  19. Material Take Off (MTO) Works
  20. Marian Works (BOM Input and ER Generation)


Electrical Engineering Center

The capabilities of Electrical Engineering Center (ELE) include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Preparation of construction drawings (e.g. power wiring, lighting system, grounding & lightning system, etc.) using CADD.
  2. 3D Modeling works utilizing the latest version of software (PDS, PDMS, SP3D, Naviswork, SPR).
  3. Preparation of technical specification, data sheet and requisition for various electrical equipment, material, design and service.
  4. Perform Power System & Equipment design
    • Short Circuit Calculation, Load Flow Analysis, Motor Starting Analysis, Relay Coordination, etc., using e-TAP.
    • Single Line Diagram preparation
  5. Perform equipment manufacturer document review, Material Take-off and other procurement support activities
  6. Support / perform cost estimation of projects.

Special Service:

  1. Inspect electrical systems of facilities to identify possible causes of failures at the client's request.


Piping Engineering Center

  1. Piping routing and Piping Detailed Engineering
  2. 3D Modeling of Piping, equipments, intrument items by PDS PDMS, and SP3D
  3. 3D Model review by SPR and Naviswork
  4. Design information preparation to other diciplines
  5. Preparation of General Arrangement, Isometric and Special Pipe Support Drawings
  6. Piping Material Take-off
  7. Plot Plan Layout Design
  8. Firefighting Facility Engineering
  9. Piping Flexibility and Stress Analysis
  10. Vendor Documents Review of Piping Materials
  11. Technical bid evaluation and engineering requisition of piping materials.
  12. Piping Material Management
  13. Spoolgen Operation
  14. Piping Estimation


Civil Engineering Center

Scope of Work

  1. Underground Composite Facilities
  2. Sewer & Drainage System
  3. Road & Pavement
  4. Equipment Foundation
  5. Pipe Racks
  6. Shelters
  7. Miscellaneous Operating Stages & Stanchions
  8. Equipment Structure
  9. Building
  10. Modular Design
  11. Vessel Platform Ladder


  1. Conceptual Planning, Design Development and Detailed Design (of above Items)
  2. Structural Planning (of above Items)
  3. 2D Drawing Preparation (AutoCAD/3DX_ACAD & MicroStation)
  4. 3D Modeling with automatic 2D Drawing Generation (PDMS/3DX/PDS EQP, etc.)
  5. Steel Shop Fabrication Drawing Preparation (XSteel, AutoCad, 3DX_ACAD) including Material List
  6. Vendor Drawing Check/XSteel Model Review
  7. Develop IT Tools using Excel Spreadsheet & VB
  8. Bill of Quantities (BOQ) / Material Take-Off


Engineering IT

Scope of Work

Engineering IT Department (EIT) is responsible for the overall management and administration of IT CAD systems operation and infrastructure providing quality engineering and IT technical services in support to CPh and Chiyoda Group projects.

The following are the main tasks and activities of Engineering IT Department:

IT Systems Administration

  1. CAD and IT Engineering Software Infrastructure Administration and Management for Servers and Clients
  2. CAD Systems and IT Engineering Software Technical Support and Assistance
  3. CAD and Engineering Database Management and Development
  4. IT Asset Management and Monitoring for Servers, Storages, Applications, Databases, and Services across CPh Enterprise.
  5. IT-related Coordination with all CPh Operation Disciplines and CGH IT.
  6. IT Support at Overseas Offices

3D Administration and Customization

  1. Do overall Project 3D Administration and Customization Work
  2. Coordination with CPh Design and CGH Engineering-IT
  3. Isometric Issue For Construction (IFC) Work
  4. Isometric Extraction Troubleshooting and Support
  5. 3D Data Extraction and Management

3D Design Committee

  1. 3D Integrated Design Audits
  2. Coordination of 3D Integrated Design related matters to all 3D Engineering Disciplines (Piping, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation)

Project Information Management

  1. Preparation of Project Information Management deliverables
  2. Project Documents and Data Handover
  3. Engineering Information Specifications management and support
  4. Preparation of Project Information Management procedures and work processes
  5. Project Engineering IT tools and software support and management


Project Execution Division

Project Management Department

Project Management Department is composed of the following groups:

  1. Project Engineering Group:

  3. Project Control Group:


Procurement Service Department (PRC)

PRC is composed of the following groups:

  1. Purchasing:
  2. In-charge of procurement activities such as Vendor prequalification, preparation and issuance of inquiry Packages, preparation of Commercial Bid Tabulations and Negotiations with vendors up to Purchase Order Issuance.

  3. Expediting (Supplier Management):
  4. Activities including expediting of vendor print, sub-order materials and fabrication progress to secure the quality and on-time delivery.

  5. Shipping:
  6. Execution of logistics activities after receiving the cargo from vendor, and to the international port at the jobsite country.


Construction Management Department (CON)

CON is composed of the following groups:

  1. Construction Planning
  2. In-Charge of construction planning such as heavy lift and transportation study, Temporary site facilities, Material management, construction schedule and the relevant IT tools operation

  3. Construction Cost Subcontract/Estimation
  4. In-Charge of construction cost estimation and subcontract work, by using the relevant IT Tools and inquiry to the subcontractors.



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