The Buskowitz Group consists of companies predominantly in the Sustainability and Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Energy industry, creating a synergy to not only provide through its wholly owned subsidiary, ERA Solar, the installation, integration and engineering procurement construction (EPC) services for residential and commercial / industrial solar rooftop;

  1. ground mounted utility solar; and
  2. other renewable energy, energy consultancy and development, but also through its Buskowitz Finance Inc., provide flexible acquisition options and payment terms, including no down payment options, solar leases, power purchase agreements, in-house financing solar loans and more.

Why Buskowitz Solar

Buskowitz is one of the pioneering solar energy providers and integrators in the Philippines, with installation experience in all regions of the country. Buskowitz is a one stop shop that not only offers solar photovoltaic panels and inverters to purchase, but also offers engineering, procurement, and construction or installation, as well as flexible financing solutions.

Our team of experienced engineers and solar experts will install tailor-fit systems that can cater to any individual or business’ energy requirements.

Help save our planet by investing in clean and renewable energy. A solar power installation gives you huge savings on your electricity bills while cutting dangerous carbon emissions.

We have 3 easy and flexible options for you!


A zero down payment option. Buskowitz builds the system for free, and the client pays for the kilowatt hours produced by the system. At the end of a long-term lease period, Buskowitz donates the system to the client for free.

Key Benefits:


A financing option. Buskowitz builds the system following a 30% to 50% down payment, with the agreement that the remaining balance will be paid over the agreed upon loan term.

Key Benefits:

Outright Purchase

Recommended to fully maximize savings. Buskowitz offers up to 10 years of workmanship warranty following installation.

Key Benefits:


Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Buskowitz, through its wholly owned subsidiary, ERA Solar, provides Solar Power Installation Services in the Philippines. We install Commercial, Industrial and Residential On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Power Systems. Our team of experienced engineers and solar experts install tailor-fit systems that can cater to your daily energy requirements.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide you with excellent after sales service. With our incomparable daily monitoring, system-primed assistance, comprehensive reports and quarterly site visits.

Daily Monitoring

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Buskowitz provides holistic energy efficiency solutions by integrating all relevant aspects, including but not limited to:

Electrical Engineering Services

Buskowitz provides electrical consultancy, design, implementation, audit, and more.


Buskowitz spearheads a variety of sustainability and renewable energy projects, beginning from initial to detailed feasibility studies (financial, technical, and legal), taking the lead, ensuring that each stakeholder’s interest is protected and represented in the development of these projects.

Owners Engineer Advisory Service

Buskowitz also provides a variety of services for owners who prefer a third party manage their bid process. Services include feasibility studies, due diligence, design and development, bid management, project management, testing and commissioning, and operations and maintenance.


Completed Projects

Solar energy in the Philippines has never been easier. Join the Philippines' clean energy revolution! Start your era of green living now!

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Address: 4th Floor Dominion Building, 833 A. Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City

Phone: +63 2 801 0074

Mobile: +63 917 582 6139


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