At Brown and Greenfield, Inc. - B&G - we offer all of your geotechnical and geoengineering solutions in the Philippines. From slope repair and protection, geohazards, dredging, piling, gabions, bastions, geosynthetics, and geotextiles - we offer our clients superior products and customer service. We are a team of EXPERTS when it comes to solving geotechnical engineering solutions throughout all of the Philippine Islands.


Products & Services

Scour and Erosion Control

Erosion Control in the Philippines is MUCH more than just coco blankets and coco geotextiles.

Our EcoTex Erosion Control Blankets (ECB) and Turf Reinforcement Mattresses (TRM) are designed and installed to be tough, long lasting and to readily green-up the slope, allowing grasses (local species, bamboo), trees and shrubs, vines and creepers to grow and thrive.

Correct installation is vital, and we have the expert team to do that, or train-up your labor. Each project is carefully planned then coordinated to ensure overlaps are minimized.

The Erosion Control System must be firmly anchored to the slope face, overlapped and designed to maintain intimate contact with the slope, surface, or soil. Then the ECB or TRM can reinforce the slope against downward soil and vegetation movement and also break-up heavy rainfall energy and thus increase down-slope drainage.

B&G Erosion Control GeoSynthetics are made from high tensile and chemical resistant polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (PE), and vary in thickness, allowing for soil-filling or hydroseeding.

The strength and performance of B&G's EcoTex ECB's and TRM's is far superior to coco blankets.

EcoTex ECB's and TRM's are also excellent with drainage channels, creeks, rivers, and for the coastline protection. When used as a channel lining, the water is actively filtered making discharges cleaner. The channel greens-up, too, and our anchorage systems means TRM's can replace up to 1000mm thickness of rock, concrete, or rip-rap. Our ECB's are cheaper and far more effective than coco geotextiles and come in wide widths and come in long rolls, for coverage savings. Installation can be done under water.

Erosion Control must be geotechnically designed correctly and that is our first step with you. Many projects will require several types of ECB or TRM, depending on the slope angle and length.

We aim to replace rip-rap, concrete, and other 'hard armor' with greener solutions that are far superior and effective. Tried-and-tested geosolutions come with the best quality, the best installation, and the best labor.

Scour control and protection is best done with our high strength Hi-Ten Geotextiles or our EcoTex ECB/TRM Systems. Geotextiles like this are flexible and allow for some movement that restricts undermining of soils by running water.



Rockfall Netting

Rockfall Netting and Debri Netting are highly specialized and precise engineered solutions.

You need a real partner for this - one who supplies high quality geotechnical systems and installs them using our own equipment and labor.

BrownN'Greenfield have installed many geotechnical systems using Rockfall and Debris Netting, from small-scale emergency repairs to whole stretches of highways in the mountains.

Rockfall Netting (RFM) is placed on geohazard slopes and vertical rock faces, holding-back passively or actively threats from falling boulders and rocks. They are an open-mesh structure, allowing free drainage and vegetation establishment. They can cover the whole rock surface under threat or just portions of it. The geohazard is reduced economically and for long periods of time.

Debris Ring Netting (DRN) is a vertical barrier installed in creeks and channels, usually up in the mountains, and looks like a tennis or badminton net, but actively traps boulders and rocks that get washed downstream during flash floods and typhoons. If you allow these boulders to move down the creek or river channel, they will scour and erode the banks and beds making problems downstream even more severe. These boulders and rocks need to be stopped and held-up in the mountains, so they cannot do severe damage below.

Manufactured from high-tensile galvanized steel, the RFN and DRN systems are anchored to the rock face or inside a creek or channel using Hilti-type anchor bolts and washers, using a precise drilling pattern into the rock face.

The rockfall netting hugs the rock surface, whereas the Debri Netting can also be removed and relocated, once the creek is full or choked- up -- making it especially economical compared to gabion walls or hollow block walls (which cannot be moved).

Our Erosion Control Systems (for example ECOTex ECB) can be used with all the rockfall systems to make the slope green and in combination with hydro seeding directly on top.

Our specialized labor use cranes, hoist and ropes with harnesses to access the rock face and then drill directly for the anchor system.

Full Health and Safety, Method of Working, and Risk Assessment documentation accompanies our designs.




At Brown N' Greenfield, we offer many types of dredging equipment and services, including:

Enviro Dredgers


Pump Rafts


Land and Marine Reclamation

​BrownN'Greenfield use their proprietary equipment to assist you in any land or marine reclamation project with our unique geosolutions, such as:



GeoHazard Engineering

BrownN'Greenfield's anti-geohazard systems are unique and extremely beneficial. Geohazards are any civil or mine engineering problem that requires a geotechnical solution.

Anti Geo-Hazard systems need to be planned with geotechnical engineering and engineering geology principals in mind, and be a proactive and not reactive solution.

B&G's solutions are environmentally friendly, fast and economical, and create a green system with a low carbon footprint.

We design, supply, and install geohazard mitigation measures that are proactive, not reactive, to your needs and concerns:

Earthquake Proof

Reinforced Soil Structures (RSS) can be built instead of concrete walls and are seismic-proof. These are layers of reinforced soil, using geogrids with integral drainage provided. They can replace bridge abutments, repair landslides, and installed in mountainous areas to repair and widen highways quickly and economically. Roads built this way have a proven track-record of being ability to resist seismic activity.

Flood Control

We supply, design, and install flood control and defense systems, such as GEOB&G Geotextile Tubes, Vinyl PVC Sheet Piling (instead of steel sheet piles), Gabions and modified Bastion Gabions (B&Gstion).

Slope Protection and Repair

BrownN'Greenfield have expertise in the use of Erosion Control for slopes and walls, EcoTex Erosion Control Blankets (ECB), EcoTex Turf Reinforcement Mattresses (TRM), Rockfall Netting (RFN), Debris Netting (DRN), and the wide scale use of our Hi-Ten geosynthetics to offer that perfect 'Geosolution'.

Sediment and Silt Control

B&G fabricate and install Silt Turbidity Curtains and Skirts, to mitigate against turbidity and silt build-up. Application include mining in sediment and silt ponds, dams, reservoirs, and lakes for water companies, and ensuring integrity of storm water facilities at resorts and golf courses.


BrownN'Greenfield design, supply, and install all kinds of landfill systems from single layer HDPE Geomembrane liners to double liners (Geosynthetic clay liners - GCL - and back-up HDPE Geomembranes). We offer on-site in situ welding or our liners , smooth or textured, from 1mm to 2.5mm thick.

We can incorporate leachate collection systems (for regulatory compliance, or to capture hazardous waste) and by using geosynthetics the landfills are more earthquake proof and long lasting; with a 120 year design life.


Flood Control Engineering

BrownN'Greenfield's GeoB&G Geotextile Tubes and Bags are the perfect solution to flood control and alleviation.

For flood control on rivers or coastal, Geotextile Tubes are filled with sand or silt and form a large impermeable barrier - taking up shape much like giant sandbags. They can be quickly filled using a river or ocean-going dredger (Enviro-Dredging), stand-alone or pontoon-mounted slurry pump, or filled mechanically using standard backhoe equipment.

During filling, the pumped sand remains inside the Geotextile Tube and the water decants-out clean and clear; leaving a solid, consolidated structure for very efficient and effective flood control. The water returns to the river or ocean quickly.

B&G offer the full service, from design to supply and installation. We can offer advice on sizes and methods of filling, capacities, final fill height, and comparative costings.

We also advise on appropriate scour aprons for the flood defense system and any backside erosion control or geohazard protection, if necessary.

Our GeoB&G Textile Tubes are manufactured using ISO-Certified and CE-Mark high tenacity woven and knitted polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) and can achieve heights of up to 3.5m and lengths of up to 100m. They include handling straps and fill ports (chimneys) and are delivered concertina-folded on pallets or rolled-up onto a steel inner corps for ease of handling and deployment.

For flood defense and flood alleviation, one big bonus is that geomaterials (clay, silt, sand, and gravel) from nearby rivers can be used to fill the GEOB&G Tubes, and therefore increase the flood capacity and improve the hydraulic radius of the river at the same time.

With our geotechnical expertise, guidance and training, 100-200 running meters of GEOB&G Tubes can be constructed in one day.

BrownN'Greenfields Geotextile Tubes have a 120 year design life, as required by highways agencies world-wide and can be used in conjunction with rock armor or grout-filled mattresses protection for very harsh environments.

B&G's tubes and bags can be stacked on top of each other to form a robust and higher defense barrier. Typically they can be stacked up to seven tubes high, or higher, if there is additional geotechnical reinforcement.



Bastion Engineering

BrownN'Greenfield supply and install galvanized steel wire mesh and welded B&GStion Bastion Gabions and Bastion Gabion Mattresses for flood defense - whether within creeks, on riverbank, or for marine and coastal applications.

B&GStion Bastions differ from standard gabions as they can be filled with silt, sand & gravel (if there is a local shortage of boulders).

They are line with special Hi-Ten geotextile as part of the system.

This is a beneficial modification of the gabions traditional and well-documented method of flood defense. It can be fast, and structures can form a regular shape along a river bank whilst still being free-draining.

For more severe environments, the Bastion Gabion baskets can also be supplied with a robust PVC polymer coating.

Bastion gabion standard sizes are based on cubic meters - for example, 1m x 1m x1m, 2m x 1m x1m.

Bastion Gabion Mattresses are often used in front of flood defenses and underneath them, to provide scour protection and enhance the foundation. They are typically 0.5m to 1m thick and extend-out from the toe by several meters.

B&G conveniently supply and deliver Bastion Gabions flat-packed with tire-wire. Labor can be arranged or training on their fabrication and erection.

B&GStion filling is best done by using a slurry pump and occasionally mechanically-filled using backhoes. Filling by B&G assures the sand & gravel inside the Bastion Gabion is compacted and consolidated to give the maximum structural density, flood defense integrity, and performance.

The best Bastion Gabion and Mattress systems are filled such that the finished wall is straight and aligned, without gaps or bulging from the front face.

To maintain drainage one-in-ten (10%) of Bastion Gabions can be replaced with a traditional Gabion, with Hi-Ten geotextile filter behind.

Therefore, with proper installation of Bastion Gabions, this integrity feature is maintained throughout the life of the flood defense.

Allowance can be made for drainage pipes, sewer outfalls, etc. in the gabion design and construction.

Geotechnical design of Bastion Gabion flood defense system includes stability analysis.

Structures up to 50 meters high can be built with Bastion Gabions and their extent can run for many kilometers.

Only a small team of laborers are required.



Gabion Engineering

Brown N' Greenfield supply and install galvanized steel wire mesh and welded gabions and gabion mattresses for flood defense - whether in creeks, on riverbanks, or marine and coastal applications.

This is a traditional and well-documented method of flood defense. It can be fast, and structures can form a regular shape along a river bank whilst still being free-draining. They are easily modified and repaired, and labor is easily trained.

For more severe environments, the gabion baskets can also be supplied with a robust PVC polymer coating.

Gabion standard sizes are based on cubic meters - for example 1m x 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m x 1m.

Gabion mattresses are often used in front of gabion flood defenses and underneath them, to provide scour protection and enhance the foundation. They are typically 0.5 to 1m thick and extend beyond the toe of the main gabion wall by several meters.

B&G conveniently supply and deliver gabions flat-packed with tire-wire. Our labor can be arranged or we can arrange training on their fabrication and erection.

Gabions can be filled with local or trucked-in boulders and rock. Filling is best done by hand and occasionally assisted with mechanical-filling using backhoes. Filling by B&G assures the boulders inside the gabion are tightly-packed to give the maximum structural density, flood defense integrity, and performance.

The best gabion and mattress systems are filled such that the finished gabion wall is straight and aligned, without gaps or bulging of the front face.

Therefore, with proper installation of gabions, this integrity feature is maintained throughout the life of the flood defense.

Allowance can be made for drainage pipes, sewer outfalls, etc. in the gabion design and construction.

Design of a gabion flood defense system includes geotechnical stability analysis.

Structures up to 50m high can be with gabions and their extent can run for for many kilometers.

A small team of laborers and equipment are required.

BrownN'Greenfield's Hi-Ten geotextiles are also supplied as filter cloth to provide drainage and separation underneath and behind the gabion system.

If boulders are in short supply, B&G's Bastion Gabions are the perfect alternative, filled with sand or silt.



PVC Vinyl Sheet Pile Installation

BrownN'Greenfield's Vinyl Sheet Piles are a robust, speedy, and very economical form of flood control and defense. They are a direct alternative to much heavier and rust-prone steel sheet piles.

But B&G's Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles require no painting and do not rust; which is of great importance for flood control and defense installations in the sea or brackish river water environments. They do not crack and are highly resistant to chemical attack.

Steel Sheet Piles readily rust away after only 18 months of service life. BrownN'Greenfield's PVC Sheet Piles are light and easy to handle making flood control installations in barangays (with narrow access roads) and mountainous areas particular easy.

On the the other hand, Steel Sheet Piles require delivery on large flat bed trucks, or even barges by sea, and take up additional equipment and labor, to handle, store, and install them.

Each sheet is typically 12m long, but any length can be extruded to suit your site conditions (for example 11m long so there is less waste on site, or 13m long so splicing is not required).

Standard width of each Vinyl PVC Sheet Pile is 457mm (18 inches), whereas Steel Sheet Piles are only 400mm wide-therefore, less B&G Sheet Piles required to be installed-a big advantage to the contractor.

Standard installation equipment is all that is required for a successful project. A vibrating hammer (which can be lighter for those that are used with Steel Sheet Piles), and if obstructions are encountered, an easy-mandrel and/or chisel attachment.

Installation can be done with a vibrating hammer suspended off a small crane or backhoe. They can also be compression driven using the bucket of a backhoe if soft and loose soils are present.

Each Vinyl PVC Sheet Pile can be easily interlocked and sealed if necessary to create an integral flood defense barrier or wall.

Brown N' Greenfield's Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles can be supplied with Vinyl Pile Caps and anchored-back into the bank side, if the design requires.

Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles are also easily cut to length with a simple band saw, or similar.

For flood defense, B&G's Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles have all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of other systems.




RFN - installation via rope access is our specialty.

RFN - large coverage achieved in one day, making sure intimate contact is achieved on the rock face.

Erosion Control - black, EV-stabilized polypropylene (PP).

Gabions - fast, high-density and compact gabion mattresses and walls are B&G's specialty.

Stratagrid - 60m high and perfect finish; for highways, bridges, abutments, dams, flood defense, reclamation.

Stratagrid - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Stratagrid - perfect results every time! Smooth face, local soils used.

Stratagrid - we can work anywhere! B&G will help and install from start-to-finish.

Erosion Control - our Strataweb system, allowing soil infilling for fast greening-up, even on
near-vertical rock faces.


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