Industrial, Shipping & Automotive Engine Rebuilder. Industrial Steel Fabrication & Machining Services.

Founded in 1984. DTI Golden Bagwis Awardee.



Engine Rebuilding
Mags Repair & Restoration
Steel Fabrication
Parts Manufacturing
Conveyor Systems
Gear Cutting


A pair of vibrating screen couplings we fabricated as per our client’s specifications


Boom hydraulic pistons we fabricated about to be delivered to one of our clients in Floridablanca (5 Peso coin used for sizing reference)


Our client couldn’t find replacement parts in the Philippines and would’ve been forced to order from the States. So to help them save cost and time we fabricated the parts for them.


Various fittings fabricated for a client


Carrier custom heavy duty rachet


A little look inside of our machine shop

Our shop’s cleanliness is maintained day in and day out as we believe that the state of our shop is a direct reflection of the quality of our service and products.


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BMS Machine Shop

Address: 353 Prim Rose St., Dona Francisca Subd., Balanga, Bataan 2100, Philippines

Phone: (047) 237 3396



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BMS Machine Shop

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