Automation & Security, Inc.

1. Planex Visual, Surveillance, Monitoring, Recording Equipment System

2. Analog CCD Camera: Weatherproof, Indoor / Outdoor, Infrared, Hidden

3. Xstream DVR Video Recorder, CCTV Camera; Multiple Channel, Vehicle, Portable, LCD DVR

4. Speedcam Weatherproof Indoor / Outdoor CCTV Camera: Remote Control, Web Based Internet Control

5. 24 Hour Wireless CCTV System, WIMAX Antenna, CRT Monitor, CCTV Lens

6. Zavi IP Camera: High Definition, High Resolution Video, Dual Streaming IP Video Server, IP PTZ Controller

7. Video Analytics: PC Based Real-Time WIFI Digital CCTV Surveillance, Capture Card

8. Automation and Security Inc., Integrated Security and Automation Incorporated

9. Delta Employee & Time Attendance, Personnel Access Control, Pedestrian Flow

10. Delta Fingerprint Reader, Time & Attendance Access Control Terminal

11. RFID Card Reader, Networkable Waterproof Multi Door Access Control Terminal

12. Self-Service Fingerprint RFID Multimedia Kiosk, Time & Attendance, Electronic Door Access Lock Release, Exit Emergency Button

13. Facial Recognition System, Man Trap Access Security System, Intelligent Door Lock, Egress Exit Control, Long Range RFID Tag Reader, RFID Proximity Card

14. Delta Turnstile Access Control System, Automatic Ticketing

15. Revenue Car Park, Road Barrier System, Pay Parking Management Software, Garage Door Automation

16. Automatic Fire Detection, Integrated Control Intrusion Alarm System, 24-Hour Security Monitoring

17. GST Intelligent Fire Detection Control Panel, Power Supply

18. Conventional Fire Detection Control Panel; Telephone System; Heat, Smoke, Flame Detector Sounder / Beacon

19. Fire Detector: Smoke, Heat, Flame, Beam, Infrared; Gas Duct, Manual Call Point

20. Fire Detector, Sounder & Strobe, Modules, Short Circuit Isolator

21. Actek Intrusion Perimeter Protection Alarm System Control Panel & Keypad, Strobe Light / Siren, Magnetic Contact

22. Intrusion Perimeter Protection, Motion Detector, Photobeam Sensor

23. Perimeter Protection System Series: Curtain / Barrier Sensor, Siren, Buzzer, Vibration Detector, Wireless Intrusion Alarm

24. Home / Office Basic Protection CCTV System Easy-to-Install 24-Hour Stable Security DIY Package

25. CAME Automatic Sliding Gate Operator System

26. Planex Surveillance, Monitoring, Recording DVR Package

27. Planex Security CCTV Camera, DVR Surveillance, Monitoring, Recording Setup

28. Professional DVR CCTV Camera Package, Standalone Time & Attendance System, Intelligent Fire Detection, Intrusion Alarm, Automated Gate

29. Wireless Outdoor IP Camera, Turnstile, Electronic Lock, Automatic Queuing System, Window / Lighting Automation, Metal Detector, X-ray Scanner, Two-Way Radio, Disco Lighting, ID Card Printer

30. Automatic Road Barrier, Automated Entrance Gate / Garage Door, Radio Transmitter, Photocell, Flashing Light, Switch

31. Automatic Sliding Gate, Motorized Swing Gate, Automated Garage Door

32. Facial & Fingerprint Recognition Reader, Time & Attendance, Simple Access Control System

33. Contact Us




1. Planex Visual, Surveillance, Monitoring, Recording Equipment System
Planex Visual Surveillance Monitoring Recording Equipment System

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