A.M. GEOCONSULT & ASSOCIATES, INC., founded by Engr. Anesia B. Bautista in 1990, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited company offering engineering consultancy and geotechnical services to multinational corporations, governments, SMEs and individuals. Our projects are in the form of roads, bridges, interchanges, tunnels, railways, airfields, seaports, shipyards, dams, and buildings. Our head office is located in Quezon City, Philippines and we have an overseas branch in Dili, Timor-Leste registered under the business name M.A. Geoconsult International, Unipessoal LDA.

The 1st Philippine laboratory to offer drilling services and AASHTO tests accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Geographic Coverage

A.M. Geoconsult & Associates covers the whole of Philippine Archipelago. With completed projects in virtually all corners of the country, A.M. Geoconsult establishes itself as the most reliable geotechnical partner of many Filipinos. Our nationwide coverage demonstrates our capacity to overcome geographic obstacles and go beyond borders for our own personal merit and for the improvement of lives of our countrymen. Our shipyard facility project in Zambales, bridge replacement project in Leyte, and road improvement project in Surigao, all contributed to the development of our national infrastructure.



Geotechnical Engineering

A.M. Geoconsult engages the expertise of highly qualified Geotechnical Engineers and/or Engineering Geologists in conducting geotechnical investigations and other related studies on the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of earth materials. Our scope of Geotechnical Engineering services is wide and involves assessing risks posed by site conditions; designing and repairing earthworks and structure foundations; and monitoring site conditions, earthworks, and foundation constructions. The trustworthiness of our recommendations, backed by intelligent engineering software, are communicated effectively in our geotechnical investigation reports, resulting in optimum foundation design, speedy construction time, increased awareness of environmental risks, and ultimately, lower costs for Clients.

Some of the engineering consultancy services we provide include:

Surface and Subsurface Exploration and Testing

As part of the geotechnical investigation package we offer, A.M. Geoconsult conducts surface exploration and/or subsurface exploration at project sites using advanced and sturdy equipment. Methods are carefully performed by experienced technicians in strict conformity with the client’s schedule to obtain soil samples and/or various data about surface and subsurface conditions. These samples and data are then analyzed to address critical geotechnical/geological issues such as the implications of active fault location to the proposed construction, moisture content and depth of ground water, geologic history and depth of bedrock, secondary effects of liquefaction and seismic events, soil corrosivity, presence of unsuitable soils, and excavation stability.

Some of the field exploration services we conduct include:

Laboratory Testing and Analysis

A.M. Geoconsult’s ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory administers a series of tests on disturbed and undisturbed soil samples retrieved from subsurface exploration to measure a gamut of direct and index properties of soils. Accurate results produced by our standardized tests are required by the geotechnical engineer in preparing a reliable evaluation report. Moreover, our laboratory, supported by highly-trained personnel and well-maintained equipment, also verifies compliance of construction materials with project and quality specifications. With these services, clients are able to lessen probable material replacements, deteriorations, and/or failures and thus, save more.

Examples of mechanical testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, aggregates, and steel that we perform include:

Pavement Design and Subgrade Evaluation

A.M. Geoconsult offers pavement investigation on various streets and highways all over the Philippines to gather data on soils, hydraulics, and materials properties that are vital considerations in the construction of new pavements, and in the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing pavements. By applying appropriate engineering techniques and ensuring quality laboratory testing, the requirements for subgrade preparation and compaction, for base materials thickness and type, and for concrete/asphalt paving sections thickness are all correctly determined and assist in producing clever, robust, and economical pavement facilities. In addition, our engineers combine expert knowledge with lengthy experience to provide sound judgments regarding pavement evaluation and maintenance, and propose optimum repair solutions that yield the greatest long-term benefit and highest return to the client.


In-situ Testing and Performance Monitoring

A.M. Geoconsult serves the special testing and monitoring needs of clients by providing cutting-edge technology and expert manpower, capable of speedy deployment for quick delivery of required information. We utilize only calibrated equipment and validated programs in the performance of field services and in the processing of data so that clients can be confident of the dependability of our test reports. Competent engineers analyse and interpret results and provide intelligible advice on slope stability, landslides, settlement, retaining structures, tunnels, and other testing and monitoring concerns. Subsequent technical queries are accommodated by dedicated personnel who are also available to perform retests when necessary and to assist clients in overcoming engineering challenges. Our company is also proficient in pooling resources for clients requiring customized services.


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A.M. Geoconsult & Associates, Inc.

Address: Zuzuarregui St, Matandang Balara, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +632 932 9585

Mobile: +63 917 512 5485

E-mail: inquiries@amgeoconsult.com

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