Alphacon Logistics International, also known as “Alphacon”, is a registered freight forwarding company and a General Sales Agent (GSA) established on April 4, 2019. Driven with the desire to serve the requirements of both businesses and individuals, Alphacon has partnered with the most competent carriers in the world.

Our mission is to provide the customers with the best quality of service like no other thus, our leaders make it a point to exceed customers’ expectations and provide excellent logistics solutions in all types of requirements.



Alphacon offers the following Domestic and International services:

Project Shipments

Project cargoes are those bulk and over size cargoes being shipped that are intended for the completion of a certain project. This is usually a type of shipment from multiple suppliers that lasts over a period of time. This usually includes materials, equipment and the likes. In need of a partner in shipping those project cargoes? Why not contact Alphacon? We’ll surely be of help to you.

Airfreight Services

When time is of high value and shipments needs to reach its destination on the earliest possible time, have your goods be shipped using our airfreight services. With the secured spaces that we have in various airlines, we can assure you frequent departures.

Seafreight Services

If cost matters most and shipment is not that urgent, have your goods be shipped through our seafreight services. Seafreight is the cheapest means of shipping cargoes that is basically preferred in sending bulk commodities.

Alphacon offers the following seafreight services:

Less than Container Load (LCL)

This is basically for small and even bulk cargoes that cannot fill the whole container van. In this type of service, items from multiple customers are being consolidated and loaded in a container van then have it transferred to the vessel going to a certain destination.

Full Container Load (FCL)

This is a type of service where a single customer uses the whole container van for his cargoes alone. FCL is the most cost-effective type of shipping bulk cargoes and lead time is definitely faster because there is no need to consolidate cargoes from other customers. Also, damages and risk for this type of shipment is reduces because the process is simplified and there is no multiple handling.

Rolling Cargo Load (RCL)

Rolling cargoes are wheeled cargoes such as cars, truck, trailer trucks and the likes. Alphacon has the competency to serve you in this type of requirements. Just prepare the vehicles documents such as the OR/CR.

Break Bulk Shipment

Break bulk shipping is the type of service for loading bulk cargoes onto a vessel rather than to a container van. This applies for heavy weight cargoes, goods with irregular sizes and those with measurements that will not fit to a container van. Commodities intended for break bulk must be weather proof or those that can sustain both water and heat since this will be exposed to both considering that this will just be loaded onto the vessel. For break bulk shipping, Alphacon will definitely be of help.

Warehousing and Storage

A logistics business is not complete without the so-called warehousing and storage. This is the process of receiving cargoes from a certain client, have it stored and prepared for reshipment

For your warehousing and storage needs, Alphacon can offer you secured and safe warehouse spaces. You can count on us!

General Sales Agent (GSA)

GSA is a sales representative for an airline responsible in selling cargo spaces. With Alphacon’s competency, we can assure our clients to have secured spaces to various competent carriers in the world.


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