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Panel Fans

Axial flow fans fitted with regular panel to hold the entire assembly. These fans are commonly seen in commercial and industrial establishments. Used widely for general ventilation in factories, warehouses, foundry, laundry, agricultural and institutional establishments requiring large volume of air relatively at atmospheric pressure. Constructed for wall mounting or ceiling mount as exhaust or air supply fan. As air circulators these fans are constructed as truss mount, with pedestal, and mobile with pedestal.

  1. Basic panel fans are designed to operate as air circulators, these units can be mounted in any possible position applicable to the intended use.
  2. Wall mount panel fans -- manufactured either as air-supply or exhaust fans.
  3. Ceiling mount panel fans -- manufactured either as air-supply or exhaust fans.
  4. Pedestal fans or mobile fans or man-coolers are panel fans used as handy air circulators.


Portable Ventilating Fans

Axial fans housed in cylindrical tubes commonly used in confined areas when fitted with flexible ducts, during painting, welding or chemical applicatoin works.


Pedestal Air Circulators

Axial fans housed in cylindrical tubes for long range blowing used as man-coolers and drying applications.


Tubeaxial Fans

Axial flow fans designed and built with cylindrical housing for ventilation purposes utilizing ductworks, where large volume of air is to be moved at static pressures not exceeding 1 1/2 in. w.g.


Vaneaxial Fans

Axial flow fans designed and built with cylindrical housing for ventilation purposes utilizing ductworks, where large volume of air is to be moved and can handle statis pressures up to 7 in. w.g. mechanical efficiencies in the range of 80% compared to the 70% attained by tubeaxial fans.


Power Roof Ventilators

Roof mounted axial flow fans that can provide optimum air delivery for general ventilation used at factories, shops, warehouses, and other establishments.


Centrifugal Wall or Roof Mount Ventilators

Manufactured with powerful centrifugal flow fan wheels, for exhausting air from commercial or industrial establishments. Widely used for kitchens, restrooms, laboratories and other applications reliable operation.

  1. Centrifugal roof ventilators - are designed to exhaust air against the resistance of a ductwork.
  2. Up-blast centrifugal roof ventilators - these models are installed and operate like the regular centrifugal roof ventilators, but with the added feature of projecting exhausted air away from the roof.
  3. Wall mounted centrifugal ventilators - are designed, where it is impractical to install the ventilators of the roof, these ventilators are either exhaust or air supply fans.


Centrifugal In-line Fans

Feature combines the reliable performance of the scroll type centrifugal fans with the compactness of axial flow fans. Used in many types of ventilation systems where the installation of conventional centrifugal fans is impractical.


Centrifugal Fans

Designed and built with powerful fan wheels than axial flow fans. Centrifugal flow fans operate at extremely high pressure but with lesser volume displacement compared to axial flow fans. Three basic fan wheels: the forward curved, backward curved, and the radial wheel make up the family of the centrifugal flow fans.


Industrial Fans

Centrifugal flow fans operating with a wheel peripheral velocity in the range of 170,000 feet per minute are designated as industrial fans. Industrial fans are commonly built as AIR HANDLER and MATERIAL HANDLER.

  1. Air-handling fans - designed to move air or gas at high pressure. Application of these fans are in the areas of pollution control and other special equipment.
  2. Material handling fans - these fans are designed for use in air containing long fibers, stringy materials, granular materials, and heavy dust.
  3. High-pressure blowers - designed for applications that require low or moderate air volume at pressure ranging up to 50 in. of water. Used widely in pneumatic conveying, blast furnace, air bearing surfaces in textile industry, and many other special applications.


Plug Fans

Plug fans are centrifugal flow fans that are built without housing. These type of fans are built to cater to many applications in the commercial and industrial sector, a few of these are HVAC installations, ovens, spray booths, dryers, and kilns.


Utility Fans

Utility fans are high volume direct driven fans; used for general ventilation when duct systems are required. Applications includes exhausting foul air, blowing cool air, forcing air through washers and blasters, for air furnace, dryers, and gas ovens.


Pressure Blowers

Direct driven fans used in exhaust systems where air contains dirt, lint, dust, and other foreign materials. Also used for filtered dust collectors.


Fume Hood

Fume Hood and chemical staging stations are designed according to need. Units are manufactured in black iron, stainless steel, PVC, FRP or other materials compatible to the intended use.


Cyclone Separators

Cyclone Separators are manufactured according to need. Units for gas-solid and gas-liquid separators are available in black-iron, carbon steel or PVC and FRP. Hoppers and collection chamber for the cyclone are also available.


Mobile Dust Collectors

Bag type dust collectors ranging up to 55 gallons dust holding capacity. Fitted with casters for easy transport.


Fume Scrubber

Manufactured as vertical packed columns counter-flow units for the efficient separation of gas-solid or gas-liquid and horizontal cross flow chambers for ease in maintenance. Units are available in milleable and low carbon steel, or in PVC and FRP.


Product Applications


General ventilation of poultry and stock farms

Ducted system ventilation of poultry and stock farms

Grains Drying

Open space drying

Dehumidification and heated chamber drying



General ventilation of warehouses

Ventilation for Cafeterias, restaurants, kitchens, and commercial buildings

Laundry shops

General ventilation

Ducted system ventilation

Hot air blow drying

Lint traps and collectors

Commercial balloon pressurization and display windows aeration

Repair shops

General ventilation

Ducted system ventilation

Dust collectors

Painting and Grinding booths


General ventilation of factories, manufacturing floors and warehouses

Ducted system ventilation of factories, manufacturing floors & warehouses

Material transporting (air conveyors for granular, stringy and powdery materials)


Air bearing surface for textile and garment factories

Blast furnaces and foundry

Fume scrubbers

Dust collectors, lint traps and precipitators


Institutional buildings general ventilation

Institutional buildings ducted system ventilation

Laboratories and explosive environment


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