AGES is ably managed by the conjugal partnership of Richard C. Tan and Janet Y. Veloso. The former is a first placer in the May 1980 Civil Engineering Board Examination and a consistent University Scholar during his post-graduate studies at the University of the Philippines. He has 30 solid years of experience as a practicing geotechnical and pile testing engineer, and had likewise spent the last twenty-five years either as the company’s project manager or geotechnical consultant for important geotechnical works, and in conducting pile testing services. He has been likewise involved, directly or indirectly, with the Department of Public Works and HIghways (DPWH) as a geotechnical consultant in its various projects.

The latter is a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Magna Cum Laude graduate and a consistent scholar in two masteral courses, (Business Administration and Industrial Relations) which she finished simultaneously also in the University of the Philippines.

AGES has also a pool of seasoned geotechnical engineers who are at their prime. Their individual and inimitable achievements make them a credit in their own field of expertise.




AGES maintains strict measures to comply with international standards, providing designers valuable information for cost effective designs. It has time and again proved it's reliability and quality on time that makes AGES the number one choice of local and international clients.

Subsurface / Soil Investigation

Pavement / Sub-grade Investigation

Materials Testing (Soils & Concrete)


The importance of quality control for deep foundations cannot be over emphasized. Irregardless of pile types, installation of each pile has to be assured of its quality (capacity and/or integrity) to ensure the safety and the economy of the project.

AGES has extensive experience in pile testing services in the country. It has successfully completed quality assurance work for many major projects including ports, bridges and power plants.

Low-Strain Integrity Test (PIT)
ASTM D5882

High-Strain Integrity Test (PDA)
ASTM D4945

Cross-hole Logging Test
ASTM D6760

Static Load Testing
Axial Compression Load Test, ASTM D1143
Lateral Load Test, ASTM D3966
Pullout Test, ASTM D6706

Bi-Directional Static Load Testing
​ASTM D1143 / ASTM D8169

The Bi-directional Static Load Testing (BDT Test) is a cheaper, safer, and time saving alternative to the conventional static load testing (Kentledge / Reaction Piles)


Once again, AGES is providing the cutting-edge technology in the most affordable and reliable manner - measure in-situ shear wave velocity (Vs) in a borehole. The Downhole Shear Wave Test (DSWT) is necessary in basic site characterization and determination of soil profile types for earthquake design, in accordance with the provisions of Section 208.4 of the NSCP, 2001.

Shear-wave velocity profiles are quickly obtained from downhole surveys providing invaluable information on the stratigraphy and dynamic properties of the soils, otherwise not obtainable from surface seismic surveys.

Designers do not have to second-guess the soil dynamic characteristics, and do not have to assume conservative minimum code requirements, as this usually translates to expensive design. The shear wave velocity profiles provide clear site characterization, and if necessary, the information can be used for a more accurate site specific earthquake response spectrum evaluation. This will optimize safety, project cost and more savings benefits to the owners.


The Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the perfect tool to detect underground utilities and objects.

Anything can be detected from small wires, fiber optics, pipes, and metal objects (bombs, ammunition, treasure objects, artifacts).

This test is also done before any excavation works to avoid any accidents and damage to existing underground utilities.


Instrumentation is an integral part to help in the design verification, monitor construction progress and proceed without the risk of failure, quality control, legal protection and most importantly safety at the site.

AGES is able to provide installation, instrumentation and monitoring of various design and engineering parameters depending on the needs of the client.

The typical instruments are:


Displacement Transducer




Data Logger




Fibre Optic


Completed Projects (partial list)


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