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OKIBERRY is about comfort, design, and quality. We are a Cebu-based designing company manufacturing home furnishings and accessories, and exporting internationally. Our talented designer team creates innovative and unique items that are always on the edge of new trends. We also custom make new designs for our valued clients. Our Research and Development team is constantly seeking ways to combine local materials with contemporary designs. Since the summer 2005, OKIBERRY has launched a new line of products for modern living - including furniture and home décor. We envision offering a wide range of creative, yet functional products for the betterment of living in every home and space.








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Ibabao, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone: +63 32 495 3207; +63 32 340 7492


Distributors/Dealers/Sales Representatives:

Contact: Gary Yu
Email: sales@okiberry.com

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