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How does the system work?

Solar water heaters have been around for decades, but to some people solar water heating may still be something of a mystery. But in fact, it's really the simplest method of heating water. The BMGSOLAR water heater has no electric motor and no pump. It works on one of the most basic principles: Like air, hot water also rises.

The copper collector panels collect and absorb the sun's rays and convert them into heat. Water passes through the collectors and as it is heated, rises into the storage tank. The hot water entering the storage tank forces the cooler water down the return pipe and into the bottom of the collectors. The heating cycle continues day in and day out with the used up hot water supply continuously being replaced in the storage tank.

Two types of solar water heater:

Direct Heating System (CX Series & CE Series)
Cold water is supplied to the hot water storage tank and the solar collectors directly. When the solar collector absorbs the heat energy from the sun, the cold water becomes hot and rises to the storage tank by Thermosyphon Principle.

Indirect Heating System (TX Series)
Cold water is supplied to the inner storage tank. The outer storage tank and the solar collector are then precharged indirectly with heating fluid, a closed circuit liquid. When the solar collector absorbs the heat energy from the sun, the heating fluid becomes hot and rises to the storage tank. The heated heating fluid will then transfer its heat to the cold water stored inside the inner tank.

Advantages & Benefits of BMGSOLAR

  1. Advanced Performance
    The low iron tempered glass of the solar collector panel specially designed for BMGSOLAR has an absorption power that is much better than ordinary glass providing not only better performance and appearance, but higher protection as well.
  2. Superior Durability
    BMGSOLAR's hot water storage tank is made from 316 Marine Grade Steel, one of the most outstanding stainless steel found in the market, providing excellent resistance against corrosion of any kind.
  3. Long-Term Warranty
    BMMGSOLAR offers up to 10 years product warranty.
  4. Save More on Electricity
    We all enjoy the convenience of hot water. But did you realize water heating accounts for a huge chunk of your energy bills? Which is why BMGSOLAR makes so much sense. With the sun's free energy a BMGSOLAR Hot Water System slashes the cost of hot water by up to 80% or more! Gas and electricity simply can't compete. For example, a typical family using 180 liters of hot water daily, which consumes around 3,500 kilowatt hours of electricity per year! BMGSOLAR can save around 2,800 KHW. That's money in your pocket!
  5. Environment-Friendly
    BMGSOLAR saves a lot more money. It also helps save our environment. Generating the power to run just one water heater can result in over 3.5 tons of damaging greenhouse gas emissions each year. With BMGSOLAR and the sun's free energy you can reduce this by a massive 2.8 tons.

About Us

BMG SOLAR Hot Water Systems is one of the major divisions of GOPEZ CORPORATION, a 100% Filipino owned international company with business offices all over the Philippines and in the USA. Our BMGSOLAR CX & TX Solar Water Heater Systems are the ultimate in German technology manufactured in Malaysia. We are also the dealer of LOCHINVAR electric water heaters manufactured in the USA.

BMG SOLAR Hot Water Systems markets only premium products made of top quality materials.

We are dedicated to customer service and we provide individual technical advice and facilities designed and built to order, and committed to the use of renewable energy and the protection of the environment.

We have been in the business since 1993 and have been the nation's top provider for hotels, golf courses, clubhouses, residences, swimming pools, commercial and industrial establishments.

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