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Allow us to promote your projects, FREE. Filbuild is highly ranked by the most popular search engines. We guarantee optimum visibility of your projects to the most important people — your target market.

For us to be able to create a website for your projects, simply send us the materials we need: brochures, photos, price lists, floor plans, site maps, lot plans etc...and we'll do the rest.

If you're a licensed builder/contractor operating anywhere in the Philippines, allow us to promote your services, FREE. Simply send us the materials we need: company background, services offered, photos of completed projects, floor plans of completed projects etc...and we'll do the rest.

Are you selling your property (located anywhere in the Philippines)? We'll advertise it for you, FREE. Just send us high quality photos—the more photos the better—and detailed description of the property and we'll do the rest.

Beyond real estate, Filbuild is also a popular destination for products and services related to building and construction.

At Filbuild, your ads are not just banners nor links to your site -- they are a series of pages, or more precisely, your entire product catalogue put online.

To advertise with us please be guided by the following:

  1. Decide where you want your ad to appear. You may choose just one from the 3 URLs below:
  2. Send us the materials/information needed to create your ad
  3. Allow us a couple of days to prepare your ad
  4. We upload your ad for your examination and approval
  5. You pay us our annual fee

Get in touch with us today at filbuild[awt]gmail[dawt]com.

Advertise with us through Google Adwords Managed Placements. Please see the links below for more information on Managed Placements:

Managed placements

Target websites about specific topics

Add, edit, and delete managed placements

Using Managed Placements, your will be able to target specific websites - even specific web pages - with your ads.

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