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Plumbing & piping systems, types, brands, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers in the Philippines


Product line: Lucky uPVC drinking water piping, uPVC electrical conduit pipes, uPVC sanitary and sewer plumbing, uPVC electrical wire moulding, PP compression pipe fittings, PVC grease trap; crates for fishing, septic tanks and catch basins; water tanks for farms and households, drainage canal, street inlet

Mega System
Product line: roof drainage; hot and cold water pipes; drainage and sanitary piping

Product line: Ecosan essential pipe system, Wexan Weixing polypropylene pipe system for hot and cold water supply, Polymutan fusion weld pipes for hot and cold water applications

Product line: pipes & fittings for tap water; hot and cold water piping; metal/plastic multi-layer composite pipe system


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